Elise Series 1 Sport Exhaust 1996-01 | 442

QuickSilver can supply a 'Sport' exhaust system for your Elise. Due to nature of track use, and ease with which Elise's can be tuned, cars typically run in excess of 180 bhp. Rolling road tests proved that the standard exhaust whilst perfect for street use is not sufficient for cars this powerful. This system has been developed as the definitive Elise series one sport exhaust. Improved durability, performance, appearance and sound for owners who demand the finest components, increased throttle response, lighter weight and more volume throughout the rev range.


  • Unique crisp sound rising in proportion with rpm.
  • Reduces weight of the car.
  • 6 bhp Improvement, more torque.

OEM: 13.2 kilos ~29 lbs
QuickSilver: 7.8 kilos ~17 lbs
Saving: 5.4 kilos ~12 lbs

We have developed the system's internal design so it is not too loud to fail track day noise tests but loud enough to develop a sporty note under acceleration without being 'boomy'. The pitch will increase in proportion to throttle position and rises to a unique, crisper exhaust note when at higher rpm.

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Product code: SQSE012
£580.00 £696.00 (inc. VAT)